A Touching Public Service Announcement from Rhian Sugden – Lingerie Hottie

steff November 2, 2011 Comments Off on A Touching Public Service Announcement from Rhian Sugden – Lingerie Hottie

Prostate cancer awareness month is here and what a way to kick it off.  In this video Rhian Sugden shows us how to do a self prostate examination.

Malecancer.org, which has a history of using humour to promote men’s health, has enlisted lingerie model Rhian Sugden to make a sexy video to help raise awareness about testicular cancer.  The video with Rhian Sugden is sexy, then scary, then Holy Cow, then OMG, and finally, funny. It’s a video that will, hopefully, make men around the world touch hemselves for all the right reasons.

The video was shot by world renown fashion photographer, Rankin.  Malecancer.org writes:

“British portrait and fashion photographer ‘Rankin’ shot and directed our bold new awareness video! We’re over the moon to have Rankin on board! It was one hell of a day, but the true star was the gorgeous Rhian Sugden! She was amazing. This exciting video cements our status as the UK’s boldest and most daring charity. Thank you to everyone involved in this production to help save lives!”

According to the UK charity, many men die from prostate, bowel, or testicular cancer simply because they do not know how to look for it. Using the slogan, “Raising Awareness, Reducing Embarrassment,” malecancer.org has enlisted the help of mascots Mr. Testicles, James Bum 002, and the Near Naked Man to travel to male oriented events around the world to talk about men’s health.

We would take instruction on a prostate examination from Rhian any day of the week.  Many thanks MaleCancer.org for simultaneously arousing and weirding out millions of men and women at the same time.

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