Alice Eve – Men in Black 3 Hottie

staffpool December 27, 2011 Comments Off on Alice Eve – Men in Black 3 Hottie

It’s remake after remake after sequel after remake in Hollywood these days.  One new movie movie that has a great chance of setting itself apart from many of the other past glory catching wannabees is Men In Black 3 trailer.  All criticisms aside and while everyone else was watching the trailer, we were already asking the burning question: who is going to be the Hottie draw? The answer is a beautiful, blonde, and british girl by the name of Alice Eve.  Easy on the eyes, intelligent, and poised to become a household name, Alice Eve waited until well into her twenties to seriously pursue a career in front of the camera.

You might remember Alice from Entourage, She’s Out Of My League and may have even seen her full nude sex scene in Crossing Over.  Eve has appeared in little seen independent gems like Stage Beauty, Starter for 10 and Big Nothing.  In addition to a handful of British television work, Eve was also featured in several British and American theatrical productions, most notably a role in Tom Stoppard’s play, Rock n’ Roll.

Alice Sophia Eve was born Feb. 6, 1982 in London, England to award-winning stage and screen actor Trevor Eve, and his wife, U.K. television fixture, Sharon Maughan.

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