Mila Kunis – Hottie – GQ’s Knockout of the Year

staffpool December 27, 2011 Comments Off on Mila Kunis – Hottie – GQ’s Knockout of the Year

Mila Kunis, the super hot, really cool and funny actress who has exploded on the movie scene as of late, has been named GQ’s Knockout of the Year. She is featured in the December issue, which hit the newsstands on Tuesday, Nov. 22.

One of the hottest, funniest and coolest actresses to ever participate in a girl on girl sex scene. Is it any wonder why GQ decided to name Mila Kunis it’s official “Knockout Of The Year?” and one of our Hottiesfor of the Year.  The GQ interview and picture spread with Mila earlier this year, plus the many cool movies she does, solidified in everyone’s mind who the queen of 2011 is, intellectually and aesthetically. For those of us who have had crushes on Mila since That 70′s Show, it’s awesome to watch her catch fire. Congratulations Mila. Check below for some celebratory images. Our own little tribute, Hottiesfor Style.



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