Cintia Dicker for Men’s Health – hottie refresh

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Brazilian Victoria’s Secret model, Cintia Dicker is out with another feature, this time it’s for Men’s Health and it provides us with more than just a brief glimpse of the supermodel hottie.

It’s hard to imagine that a girl as spectaular as Cintia could have grown up in any way insecure.  However, that is only part of what is revealed in the new Men’s Health Article.  Cintia goes into some depth with Nick Marino about some of the struggles of growing up in rural Brazil.  We learn a lot about the swimsuit model in this one and it is more than worth the quick read.

Cintia Dicker grew up in rural Brazil, though not in some dreamy, secluded beach town. It was more West Virginia than Ipanema. Her grandparents raised livestock. Her father died when she was 3, leaving daughter and mother to fend for themselves. “We didn’t have money,” Dicker says. “Like, nothing. Not even food sometimes.” To make matters even harder, she had red hair and freckles, which in Brazil meant she stood out like a unicorn.

One day, when Dicker was 14 and wracked with insecurity, she joined her cousin on a trip to the mall in a neighboring town. When they arrived, something strange happened. A man who said he was from a modeling agency asked if he could snap Dicker’s picture. Two hours later he was at her house explaining that she was different, that she was special, that she was going to be a fashion model. People would pay her to wear their clothes.

This was her breakthrough moment. “I had no idea what in the world was waiting for me,” she says. “I thought I was just going to be doing some pictures and they were going to pay me, like, 5 bucks.” She would go on to become famous for the hair she hated as a girl, and for the face she scrubbed with rice water trying to remove the freckles. What she thought were liabilities would become very lucrative assets

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